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The ? was " who does does dieseling"  rather reminded me of some kind oif ninja question in the tag line.

 Has "anyone" tried achieving this, I'm certain.  Is it a good idea that any rational airgunner would try, no. 

It does not take much imagination to figure out how to create this condition but I personally dont want to help anyone try to get injured. In the past there have been springers intentionally designed to diesel, injection and everything. There were ruled firearms and went away.  If you really "need" numbers for this you might try researching such designs.


 Every responsible airgunner here is trying to AVOID said condition, I would be very surprised to hear real chrony numbers on a string from such. If you hear a crack you are above sonic, and missing the target.




Jim, whats up with you? Dont even know the fellow and you still want them to keep all their fingers & eyes. Nice of you to take the time to send a PM trying to help.