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The Umarex Gauntlet is the better rig over all.  If your old or such the weight may be a bit much with the guantlet otherwise it is THE value in pre-charged airguns these days.

Out of the box, adjust trigger then enjoy, period.  I have a .177 that would do well at any airgun match. Friend has a .22 not exactly as accurate ( but he insists on the cheapest pellets)  but would never miss a squirrel head at 50yards.  They need nothing done to them – other than adjust trigger-.

 Gamo darn sure is lighter, trigger isnt as good but works just fine people do sell after market kits and most just use a longer screw for additional adjustment range, needs a 3,600psi fill and will have a limited shot count but it's a small tube so easy to pump.

 Depends on your shooting desires a lot also.

Do you want 10 reasonably good shots on a fill or 50-100 shots within 10fps? Are you physically fit? Are you a trigger snob?

Here's one that doesnt matter, are you able to cut & crown the guantlet? I saw a picture of a carbine gauntlet, very nice!


Have you gotten together with other airgun folks?  Tried what rigs? And liked/disliked what about those?  Esp. for a first ( and last right?) rig shooting first is a very good idea, well worth a fairly long drive in my mind.     Airgunners are usually pretty open about letting others shoot there stuff and you'll learn a lot.   Anyone near 99109 can stop by here and shoot.