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Your Brocock fill adaptor should be 1/8 BSPP threaded. If you're feeling direct to rifle, this fitting would probably work for you. 

Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8 BSPP Female Threads, Steel, Rated to 5000 PSI, Incl. Delrin Seal

I've used that fitting in the past with a Chinese hand pump and SCBA fill station (they have the same quick disconnect fitting as the compressor) and things work ok up when dealing with pressures below 3800 psi. 

When working above those pressures to fill a SCBA tank, I've had 3 different quick disconnects fail on me around 4000 psi where the quick disconnects blew apart and bruised my hand from the hose whip. Since then, I've decided to remove all Chinese quick disconnects from my compressor setup and convert everything over to stainless steel foster fitting which are 1/8 NPT. If you are just going to fill directly to the rifle, you probably don't need to go to this far of an extreme, especially since I spent more on air fittings than the cost of the compressor.



To SteveUK, I'm almost certain you mixed metric and British threads together, which is why your setup was leaking in the first place. The moisture filter from the compressor is M10x1 and your Air Arms fill piece is 1/8 BSPP. It seems like you cobbled it together enough for your purpose, but I would be real hesitant to suggest it to others because it's inherently dangerous to mix thread types in high pressure applications.