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I bought a Urban to use for pest control around the farm. It replaced a Benjamin Maximus because I wanted a magazine fed rifle for quick 2nd shots. My Urban came from Walmart for $220 and it's been one of the best "bang for the buck" purchases I've made that's airguns related. That BSA barrel is sooooo good. I feed mine the cheapie Crosman pellets and it holds really tight groups at 75+ plus yards. The air cylinder is pretty small, so you have to refill it often if you're target plinking, but the overall package is light and it's a great piece to lay by the door for times when you spot something outside to take aim at. I've moved on to a Wildcat 25 as my primary, but picking up the Urban gives me a smile every time. I almost bought a Gauntlet earlier in the year just to see what the hype was about, but the looks and weight just aren't for me. There's no doubt the Gauntlet is a more popular platform though, and there's some really smart people making aftermarket upgrades for the Gauntlet compared to hardly anything for the Urban.