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Hey man, I have the HW 30s, HW 50, HW 77K, HW 95, and HW 97K.

The HW 30, 50, and 95 are in .177.

The HW 77 and 97 are in .22.

If I were you, I'd choose the HW 50 over the HW 95 for a very specific reason. My HW 95 is the Field Pro model from AOA. Came with the scope. This is the only springer I ever returned back to AOA thinking it had a broken spring due to how difficult of a time I had with it trying to get it to group. AOA checked it over and said it was operating as it should. I got it back and after much more shooting, I ended up realizing it was just very hold sensitive. If this had been a sub 12 ft lb model, it may have been fine, but then you might as well get the HW 50.

The reason for the hold sensitivity comes mainly due to its light weight and full FAC power. If I had to choose a "do over" I'd have skipped buying the HW 95 and gone straight for the HW 50 which I just bought a few weeks ago and love.

The HW50 is as close as you can get to a light weight springer with non-FAC power that the British have easy access to. It has just enough power to do pest control (sub 12 ft lbs) but is lighter than the weighty HW 97's, 77's, and Air Arms springers.

Recommendation: Skip the HW95 and get the HW50 in .177.