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A friend just bought a .30 cal Bully and asked if I would adjust his trigger to a light 1lb second stage. After playing with it for a bit, I've got a decent travel on the 1st stage coming up to a clean stop on the 2nd stage. The second stage break is averaging 1lb on a Lyman trigger gauge. There are no problems with sear engagement. The trick is to walk the 1st and 2nd stage adjustment screws in the same direction at the same time. A small turn on the 1st stage, then small turn on the 2nd stage .. rinse and repeat. 

That “friend” wouldn’t have been me, Rich, would it have, lol? I just joined on this Forum, and I just received my Hatsan Bully last Tuesday. Love that thing. I goofed up and bought too low a scope rings for my 50mm objective Bushnell, and have some double extra highs coming in in a few days. Meanwhile, I’ve mounted a picattiny adapter for the bottom rail so I can mount my bipod. I’ve installed the Donny Shogun, and that helped quiet it down somewhat, but I’m gonna find out how to quiet it down more. Have a feeling it’s the hammer slap I’m hearing now.


i Pm’d You inquiring about the proper method to degas the rifle. The one thing that I want to change out for sure is the manometer gage, to show readings in PSI. I figure I’d get that One from McMaster Carr that reads from 0-4000 psi.


if it is me you were talking about on the trigger adjustment, you did an awesome job! Discharge is very predictable. Thank you for that, big time!


got a question for you and the other bully owners- I know that fully cocking the gun opens up the fill port, but when I close the cocking lever the sliding tab that's suppose to close off the fill port does not move forward. It only closes the port upon firing the gun. When I swing the lever back to cock, it’s wide open again until I fire the gun. Is that the norm for you Bully owners, also? Seems it should close off that port when the lever goes forward.


so, for anyone concerned about the 10+ lbs of the rifles weight, you need not worry. All that weight is at the rear of the rifle, so it handles great. That was a big concern of mine, since I underwent a major back fix 4 months ago. No worries at all.


i wonder why I don’t see more reports or purchases on this gun. It is awesome, well manufactured, the looks are there, and it handles very well. Big THANK YOU to Rich and Dennis at Indianaairguns for assisting me with the purchase!