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I have a "Used" Impact, but it appears no one touched the regulator.  It's at about 140 bar.  This week, with a stone stock 16 month old gun on a standard Smoot Twist barrel (Not the "X" barrel) tuned it to throw the 34 grain JSB's in 25 cal at 830 fps on power setting 3 and turning the valve adjuster in to just barely cover the third line.  25 grain JSB Kings shoot at about 870 on power setting MIN.

My eventual goal is to purchase a .22 kit for the gun and shoot the 25 and 34 grain .22 pellets.  Since the weights are the same, the adjustments should be close.  

I'm in the "If the regulator ain't broke, don't fix it" camp. I get over 100 shots per fill, and two fills a good day on the bench for me.

In my mind, the regulator isn't the place to start adjustments.  All it does is give you a rock solid starting point for other adjustments.  Constant Pressure is a must for consistent shooting.  So to me, the reg pressure isn't all that important, as long as it's constant.  Then adjust the power wheel and valve adjuster screw to meet your needs.  It ships at 140 bar in .25, and as long as you can slow the .22 pellet down to your preferred speed, I'd just leave it alone.

Yes, tune to the ammunition you intend to shoot, but I'd tune to the regulator as it stands and if it requires adjusting, that's absolutely lasts.

Just my opinion.

I stand corrected on my opinion, overruled by those that know more than me – 

Have a look at this one.