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Friend, I don't care in the slightest if you believe anything I say.  It never happened.  

Who I am is a known thing by some who post here, and there is a whole thread filled with pictures exactly as I described here on the site already in this forum  I don't have anything to prove.  

I only joined to tell folks that there is a pellet out there that will make my Trail NP shoot one ragged hole half inch spread at 30 yards.  With most pellets, a quarter sized group at 25 yards is doing good out of my Trail.  There are few pellets it will shoot that well with.  The Ruger/Umarex Superpoints end up in a jumbled pile at 30 yards out of the Trail using the 3 x 9 Centerpoint scope that came with it.  With better optics, 1 inch at 50 yards should be no problem at all.  

I came here because of the guy with a Walmart gun that has never been real accurate, to report that I had found an accurate pellet for mine.  

Clue.  If you want to purchase a hundred pounds of crosman junkers and other parts, I will make up a couple of boxes.