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Thanks y'all. It is a great rig. UJ, yeah, I did have a very similar rifle ordered with Martin. This is my 'instead' rifle. When it popped up in the classifieds, I was all over it. It's got < 600 shots through it, and about 150 of those were shot by Ken @ SPAW to get the barrel indexed and the Rowan trigger installed. So it's essentially a new rifle. I paid a commensurate price, but it had one outstanding feature that my original order @ RAW didn't. It was available NOW

Now the not so good news… Too many 'honey-do's' to get to the range today. It's easy enough to put my trip to the range off by one day. a bit more troublesome to make Ms. Finance Minister wait since she was kind enough to give me the green light on short notice. :)

So my full report will have to wait one more day :(  But at least the rifle is here where I can fondle it between chores :)