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The really high powered springers are hard to shoot.  This isn't limited to the Ruger Air Hawk, anything that claims really high power in a springer is difficult.  Here's what happens inside the gun –

  • You cock the gun compressing a huge spring.
  • Pull the trigger, releasing the spring, pushing the piston down the cylinder to create the air pressure.  this is the first recoil for a springer.
  • The piston HITS the end of the cylinder and wham, jolts the gun forward – this is the second recoil on a springer.

I had an older Ruger springer and finally gave it away because it shook so much when shooting it was impossible for me to hit anything.  Oh, and Ruger along with most other brands from the powder burner world are actually manufactured by Umerex, and they are OK, but understand Ruger doesn't make airguns, they license that to Umererex.  

Speed in airguns isn't your friend for accuracy either.  Usually, best accuracy and plenty of knockdown power is in the sub-900 fps range.  I've got both of my PCP's tuned to about 830fps for best accuracy, and in a springer it'll help reduce that double recoil as well.  


I'm not aware of any really bad break barrel's in the $150 range, but look for the guns with maybe 900 or 1000 FPS with lightweight pellets and 800 to 900 fps with lead.  You'll still have the power to make the kill but it won't shake nearly so hard when you shoot.  

have fun out there.