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Eddy, good deal.  I clearly remember ordering a CF tank for a friend & having it delivered to my house, I had a 110cf Faber " If it's HEAVY it's a Faber" steel tank, oh my, I NEEDED a CF. But didnt "need" one so I carried ( that's a lower back joke) on.  Moved to [email protected] & needed air so an altros booster and a 45min CF tank live here now, so nice, enjoy yours.



A fill calculator for you:

And no real need to hide anything these days ( oh once upon a time look out!) what you need are a couple of new airguns in a week or so. Honest this WILL help.

What with these modern times and LOW LOW cost sthuff, grab a Maximus on sale somewhere for under $150.00, maybe the next time the wildfire is on sale at $100.00.

Make CERTAIN said partner see's receipts and mention how your planning on cutting back on —- something that cost $100+ per month— . Then take them to a dinner & movie ( or???) and send $100 and converse on how the $ certainly is worth spending on metal health alone much less the food. Now we've establish $100 isnt all that much every now and then, it's worth spending that on happiness and an airgun last's longer than dinner ( buy them one also, maybe an $80.00 QB) .  You may find if you take to wrapping everything in removable camo tape helps equal the finish out on all of your airguns.

 "I" do not suggest and of the above.