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Thanks everyone! This is an original Theoben rapid 12 .020 cal.  Rapid 12's were .20  .22, and .25, rapid 17's were .177.  bought new in 2004, it's been and absolute joy to own and shoot, it's unregulated FAC always fed it CP 14.3's 960fps 29 +fp.  Two years ago had David Slade go through it and upgrade to RAW type quick fill adapter (love it,  great system) was only resealed one other time, wasn't leaking the second time!  Not sure whats inside, box stock was fine with me, first shoot, buddy of mine shot 50y .437 ctc group, for years I though it was the final word in  air rifles, Theobens in general, (have four) three gas rams and the rapid, I must say they have met their match in the FXWildcat, have a MK1 .25 since March, It's made me a smooth twist and a .25cal. fan!  I'm looking for a new .020 pellet, almost out of brown box Premiers, Barracudas and JSB's won't handle 960fps group below 900fps, never had need to adjust before…new stock has groove for HS adjustment, won't have to remove stock now.  Would love to "test shoot" a RAW.  I don't do a lot of bench shooting, groups I post will be from FT type sitting position.  Good shooting everyone!