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Nice. I have an SWFA Fixed 10x with side focus on my Daystate Huntsman Regal. 22 and love that scope. No glare/milky issues because it's a lower magnification. I've heard about the glare issues with the fixed 12x, 16x and 20x models and having to install sun shades to "fix" the issue. The Koi looks perfect on the Wildcat. I have Donny's Sumo, Fat Boy, Koi, Tanto, and a Neil Clague LDC that I switch between two rifles and they're all quiet with similar sound signatures. What impresses me is Donny's Tanto moderator which I just received. Same diameter as the Koi but shorter (5 inches) and it's hard to tell the difference between the two as far as quietness. I've been thinking about getting a Wildcat or Taipan Veteran in .25cal for my first bullpup. Been saving up for the meantime. Anyways, good shooting and nice rifle. It's a nice feeling when you make those long range shots on small game.