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Not sure if this is what @ramjet66 is getting at but after the upgrade a lot of posts in the rss feeds have empty quotes:


Those should probably be stripped out before it goes into the database, or failing that as a post-processing step on the rss feeds.

I don't think it's new, nor is the end of the world, but the feeds leaks the forum formatting rather than using standard html.  Quotes for instance should probably be:

<blockquote cite=""&gt;…</blockquote>

Smileys and other images instead of:


should be:

<img alt=":\)" src=""&gt;

I hate advertisement and found the two banners super intrusive (#header-images is huge and takes up a lot of screen real-estate in the order for 15% of screen height, and #banner-images-container is very distracting due to rotating ads) and subsequently adblock'ed them.  I understand you have to pay the bills, and my advise would pursue win/win options like the specials offered in industry-announcements.  Coupons allow your sponsors to track their campaigns and they are effective unlike banners ads which people are conditioned to ignore   Rather than ask your advertisers to use the forum format, consider building a current offers page or some such with space/position based on how much they pay you.  If the advertisers have good offers, it will be a value add to the site.