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Yeah Tom … best part of the Crown Saver is the strength of the pull through. I have had other "pull throughs" that broke on me because I like to have a TIGHT patch so that it puts a great deal of pressure against the walls of the barrel getting into the lands and grooves to clean them out and also I like the way the patch makes a noise coming down the barrel. Everything else that I have ever used could not stand the pressure except a bore snake and eventually ended up breaking. When I am using the Crown Saver I know that I can put in excess of a hundred pounds of pressure on that line and it will not break and I've never had a patch break loose in the barrel.


If you are just going to slide a loose patch through the barrel then you can play around with any ole pull through you may want …. but if you want to scrub that barrel as good as you can get it without using a bore brush, then the Crown Saver is the only way to go IMHO.