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As SvilenP said. Invest in good quality scope (less extra features – better) and invest in good quality scope mount like f.example DM60 Dampa or something similar. And try to disasembly your rifle and check for what you can do to try to fix that recoil – there have to be some modes to fix that without lowering energy. I don't know what airgun you have but in most of them you can fix/lower your recoil (airguns with traditional spring not gas piston) with:
– better flattening faces of your spring 
– put better fitted spring guide 
– put – i'm not sure how to name it in english in Poland we commonly call it pet cover (not pet like animal but pet as pet bottle – name comes from DIY projects wher you can use plastic from pet bottle to do that).
and of course clean everything from greases and put some good quality new grease on your spring 
If that will help – of course. Would that be enough? I'm not sure because I don't know your airgun.