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I bought both the piston and the compression tube from Pyramydair. The .22, 12.65gr H&N Baracuda Green pellet with a head diameter of 5.50-5.51 had the highest speed, the lowest standard deviation and best accuracy. My first TX200 was completely stock. Here are the numbers from the last test on 2/15/2013. High-838fps, Low-828fps, ES 10fps, SD 3fps, 19ft/lbs – 20ft/lbs. Here are the numbers from the first test that I did with my second TX200, on 7/18/2014. High-916fps, Low-891fps, ES 25fps, SD 9fps, 22ft/lbs – 24ft/lbs. My TX200 likes head diameters of .50 – .51. I would try these pellets before replacing the compression tube and piston.