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Ok, I have my deadshot magnum and used it this morning and after only one use I really like. I was a photographer back when film was the medium and my tripod had several detent points as you moved the legs out so getting all three legs at the same distance was easy. The Deadshot has legs with no detente so looking at the bubble level as you open it up is cumbersome to me. Also if there was some degrees of cant built into it setting up level wouldn’t be as criticle but that would create more design issues. Well all in all I can live with it the way it is. I hit two squirrels today 70 and 101 yards. The 70 yard was a head shot and the 101 was a kill but not as clean. That 100 yard shot would not have been possible without me resting my rifle on something so that says a lot for the Deadshot Magnum. Also it is a little heavy but the weight is needed to make it as steady as it is. My opinion on this is positive and yes I believe there will be less squirrels on the dairy now.
Calbarry, you were right about me neneedling this to help my hold still to hit my targets, I thank you for your suggestion.
I’ll try loading a photo, don’t know how yet, trying !