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I am going throught the replacing the Breech O-ring issue on my .25 cal.Mrod. I have been screwing around for a few hours trying to re-seat the oring. It's got me crazy. I have done all the usual things. I lubed the oring with Silicone grease, I then use a cleaning rod in the barrel so I can put the oring on the rod when it comes out of the breech. I then have used dental picks, hemostats, my pinky finger, etc. to get the oring into the barrel. I get it in okay but of course it's folded in half and I go through all the fiddling around to try to seat the oring with NO success so far. I have been through this before with my Vulcan and found it to be "just plain luck" when I finally got it back in. 

I was wondering or hoping if anyone has figured out any other methods or tricks to get the orings back into the barrel? Man, if someone could make a tool  that did this job they would make a million bucks. Any ideas?