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[quote=”dark1961″]The knock-off has [u]no[/u] Yong Heng labels, has a paper air inlet filter, no pressure relief valve. The Yong Heng has large identifying lettering on the side of the pump  and a manufacturer nameplate that says Yong Heng Pneumatics LTD. serial number etc. it also has a metal brass/copper inlet filter and and pull ring pressure relief valve. The plate also list specifications for the pump. By the way, love your YouTube channel![/quote]

Ok Dark thanks for the information on identifiers for a true YH compressor. I purchased one from the YH factory in China or at least that is what the listed said, see below.
Thank you for the kind words regarding my YT channel 

[img] – 06.35.52 ~ MyImgur v3.93 – x64.png[/img]