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“Imold”Trigger feels like it’s set at about 18 pounds, today I finaly got to shoot it and I thought something was wrong with the safety like it wouldn’t come off but then I realized I needed to hook the trigger up to my bumper and use the truck to get it to fire, I’m not kidding I’ve owned several Hatsan airguns and this is 10 times worse then any trigger, my brother laughed because I had to pull so hard I lifted the bully up about 3 inches off the table because I was pulling so hard, it’s like they put the adjustment screw all the way in or left a big burr on the face of the trigger, either way I need to read up on how to adjust the trigger or take emery cloth after the trigger and smooth it out or send it back…….I’ll read up and see if there is a adjustment I can do without voiding warranty or I’ll send it back……I’m not kidding about this either it totally took me by surprise.

First and Second stages are adjustable
It’s heavy out of the box, no doubt. I adjusted mine down to 2lb 7oz. Much better. Remove the stock and you’ll have quick access to the adjustment screws. Directions with the gun describes the details.