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“MJGoebel”So I pulled the trigger, pun intended, on a .22 Maximus Hunter today and have a question. 
Should I perform a good clean and lube prior to shooting? I would like some feedback on how you all prep a new PCP shooter right out of the box. I planned on checking for pressure when it arrives and checking for leakage over a day or so.  Next, I was going to give the barrel a good cleaning. I have silicone, pellgun and regular 3n1 oil. Any advice on thread lock also?
Thanks all,

Congrats on your purchase! I believe you will be happy with the Maximus.  Especially if your on a limited budget like me. I didn’t get the hunter package with scope though. I have a feeling you may be disappointed with the scope, as most rifle/scope package deals especially in this price range, the scopes are usually crap.
Anyway, my came with 900 psi and held at that till my hand pump came from Amazon a few days later.
Like I told you shoots the JSB 15.89 well, and also 16.36 Beeman devastator.  Just got some 18.13 JSB, but haven’t shot them yet. Tomorrow hopefully.