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Yesterday, I was on my tablet, so I didn’t have access to my chronograph files. After changing the OEM piston seal in my TX200 with the Vortek Moly-Core piston seal, I gained both consistency and power. OEM Piston Seal average velocity 735fps, extreme spread 15fps, standard deviation 4fps, energy at the muzzle 15ft/lbs. Vortek Moly-Core Piston Seal average velocity 800fps, extreme spread 8, standard deviation 2.2, energy at the muzzle 18ft/lbs. Seven months later the numbers have only gotten better. Vortek Moly-Core piston seal average velocity 856fps, extreme spread 5fps, standard deviation 1.5, energy at muzzle 20.5ft/lbs. The Moly-Core piston seal did exactly what it was designed to do – it lubed the compression tube perfectly resulting in an increase in power and better consistency. The H&N Baracuda Green .22, 12.65 grain pellets were used.