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Ford vs. Chevy and everyone knows that Chevy is better! lol. I’ve been comparing the two and want to buy one of them here shortly. Have been trying to find one used in .25 if anybody has one! The way I see it is that there are those who want electronic everything, those that don’t. As far as price goes and how you feel about the stock options… you pay $1599, $1799 or $1999 for the Crown and $2499 for the Red Wolf. Comparing Apples to Apples your paying $1999 or $2499 for the two elite models. However, as Centercut said, to get the adjustability of the Crown you need to pay an additional $400 for the Daystate programmer. That’s now $2899 for the Red Wolf. So $1999 vs. $2899 equals a point of diminishing returns for me. I love air guns but I love powder burners too and $2899 will buy you a lot of powder burners or even a great over and under like a Berretta Silver Pigeon. I would love a Daystate, but does $800 buy me that much more than I get with the Crown? Nope. Plus it’s $2800… that’s quite an initial investment. And… I can buy a Crown new for $1599 because I don’t care about the stock configuration. So for me it comes down to $1599 or $2899. With all of that being said, if someone wants to offload a Red Wolf for $1999, get a hold of me. wink wink.Have a great day everyone!