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I would stay away from the Dreamline for a bit.  While the base model is supposed to be around $1000, it’s fugly.  If you like wood or traditional stuff, it’ll run at least $300 or $400 more.  That brings it up into the synthetic Crown range.  Nice but the extras add up in a hurry and first run products always have some jitters.  Let it settle down and get a later model.

As for adjustments, both are incredibly adjustable to achieve target pellet speeds.  The Impact has a knob that controls how far the valve opens (from what I understand). The Impact has a control that controls the valve opening.  Different, but can both be adjusted to really adjust the speed.

Again, I don’t think either is superior to the other, to me it all comes down to configuration.  If you like a bullpup / tactical design, Impact.  If you like a traditional rifle look, Crown.  

I don’t really care for the bullpup look, but wanted the short gun, therefore, Impact.  Other than that, I really don’t see any difference between accuracy, adjustability, or anything else.