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I have a synthetic Crown in .25 cal. I mainly hunt with all my airguns – I don’t shoot benchrest or punch paper. You’d think the Impact would be the logical choice, but I chose a Crown for several reasons.
1. Traditional rifle length – I hunt seated with a Vanguard bipod as the gun rest – I find the longer stock more comfortable. I don’t have to sit as scrunched up and close to the bipod as I would with a bullpup design.
2. Cost – $1599 vs $1999 – a $400 difference is a big deal and I can’t justify the cost considering how similar they are.
3. Simplicity – the Crown is simpler in design, therefore fewer screws/knobs and O-rings that could go bad. Less stuff to break/strip/etc.
4. Adjustable – basically you can tune the Crown about the same as an Impact. Personally I don’t fiddle with a gun once it’s dialed in and shooting great. If you like to constantly swap barrels, calibers, ammo, and love to be tinkering, then you’ll get about as much out of a Crown as an Impact, barring the longer 700mm barrels and some other small differences.
5. I’d choose a bullpup/Impact if portability was your priority. If you’re on the go, walking through the woods, shooting in tight quarters, go for a bullpup design.