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Tough question. I’d ask what will you use it for but both guns have won at the EBR…so there’s that on the benchrest arguement. I’ve seen where both guns are good hunting guns so there’s that on hunting. I haven’t seen a Crown in the flesh so can’t comment on it but I do have some “long guns” so I can comment on size. 
Using the Impact in the woods and brush is a dream. So short and maneuverable and it being made almost entirely of aluminum, it’s resistant to scratching. I’d be nervous taking a beautiful laminate or walnut stock, (like on the Crown), on a hunting trip…..but there’s synthetic now so there’s that. But the Impact begs for a bipod so a little more $$
I can one-hand the Impact and I really like that…it’s very light. And now there’s the new X edition so you get a better regulator, trigger and the X barrel.
So guess you will have to decide what best suits your needs.
Have fun deciding…