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My first pcp was the benny wildfire.  Fun to shoot for 130 clams but not goi g to ever cure what ails it.  My next is the Hatsan AT44-10.  I ordered one but it was missing all the accessories.  The tank was full so I tested it with open sights and it is grouping at 2.75 inches.  Replacement is arriving today (no the seller wouldnt send just the missing accessories but insisted on send a whole new rifle).  Lucky me so I can shoot the replacment and keep the best and send back the rest.  I chose .177 for 2 reasones.  They are incredible cheap to shoot and the cost on the smaller caliber was $75 cheaper (that buys a nice scope or a ton of pellets) I only paid $248 for the rifle on sale so cheap is the name of the game for me.  Hatsan are very adjustable and have a few bolt on mods that wont put you in the poor house.  It is all about having fun and enjoying what you got.  Truth be told the dead pests around my yard and the paper targets have never once complained about the caliber or the cost of any of my air rifles.