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I have what is considered to be high end spring guns and a lowly ended PCP next to one that is top of the tops.
The Gauntlet needed hours of TLC to make it a good shooter.  The barrel was scrubbed with JB Bore Paste and there was tons of experimenting to stop the POI shift that seems to be inherent in the Gauntlet.  At least two barrel bands have been created for it that couple the shroud to the air tank, which itself moves around a bit.  I found that adding a spring to the moderator at the bore end did a much better job to lock that barrel in place.  Also adding steel support bars from the receiver to the shroud also assisted keeping it stable.
Then there was pellet choice.  JSB Diablo Exacts came out the winner there.  Now the trigger.  Lots of polishing and adjustment to make it the best single stage trigger I have ever felt on an air gun.  Adding  a  Jefferson State tuning kit upped the anti a bit too.
All this made it a pretty much one hole gun at 40 yards., but even then, it is sometimes not super consistent, a lot better than out of the box though.

Now comes the Daystate Wolverine “R”.  Beautiful to look at and a one hole gun from shot #1.  Even still, not the trigger I considered perfect and a gun at this price point should be perfect in most every way.
Lot of polishing, a slightly altered spring or two and some time with the multiple trigger adjustments cured that.
Started with H&N Barracuda pellets and never had to look back.

So you gots to make your choices.  If I ain’t tinkerin’ I ain’t havin’ fun.  The Gauntlet is a tinkerer’s dream, the Wolverine is a tinkerer’s scary place cause if you blow it, it will cost ya BIG.