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“Raden1942”So I bought an urban and a bulldog and a mk2 pistol from mrodair with the idea that i could conceivably drop 1000 bucks a piece on them to make them what I want out of a pellet gun and gain the knowledge. You could tear apart a 1400 dollar investment and learn the craft but…… What if you drill to deep? What if you lap too much. Or take too much off your crown? Not a huge deal on a 200 dollar investment so do you want a perfectly consistent gun that you can compete with? Pay for a gun that has everything you want. Want the same thing but the knowledge too? Id suggest getting a huma reg for your urban and a depinger maybe a charlie da tuna trigger and start modding and having fun. Btw I dont even know how to make that mrodair mk2 better than it already is. 

If you install a reg you won’t need a depinger.