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Really good questions. The OEM piston, piston seal and compression tube were damaged. My ft/lbs dropped to 13 and I knew that something was wrong. I replaced all three with OEM parts and kept the same OEM spring. I followed Air Arms recommendations exactly, the power came back to 15fps with an ES of 15fps and a SD of 4. I decided to try the moly-core seal. I followed the directions precisely and the numbers were great. The OEM piston seal was a pain in the ASK to install. I had to heat the piston seal with a blow dryer to get it on. The Vortek just needed to be pushed into place. The Vortek also provided more cushion to the piston. Muzzle energy = 20.7ft/lbs, 10yrds = 19.5ft/lbs, 22.5yrds = 15ft/lbs. I gained Consistency and the moly-core was much, much, much easier to install. I'm not bragging on the moly-core, I just wanted to know if my experience was typical and how long I could expect the seal to last. Thanks