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I had a chance to run a short experiment this evening and using the Steyr magazine as my guide, since I stated that is shrinks the pellets to that magazine opening size, I found that it does appear to do just that.
I checked a measured 5.54, 22 caliber H&N pellet with my PelletGage and found that while the head would barely make it through, it would not allow the skirt through (this is what one would expect, right).  The head was not even close to going through the 5.53 gage opening. 
I then inserted the 5.54 pellet into the magazine, pushing it through as if firing it through the gun itself it is a very tight fit.  After checking with the PelletGage, the pellet head would now go through the 5.53 gage opening as would the skirt with very minor resistance from both.  Looking through a magnifying glass, there are shiny spots on the outer edges of both the head and skirt, which seems obvious, but verified.
Steyr being a well known and pretty darn accurate air rifle, has no problems shooting these pellets.
I’m not trying to cause a controversy, just posing the question.  Why does this work and why would Steyr even consider using this method if it was not as accurate as a larger or tapered skirt?  Help me understand this concept please.