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“intenseaty22”No footage available, sorry. But cool nonetheless. 
I was sitting at my gun early in the morning, drinking my coffee & Looking out for yard/garden intruders when I see out of my right, flying low (4 yards) a Red Hawk holding a Chipmunk in it’s Talons. Flew literally right in front of me. 
Very cool sight, made my morning, and saved me a pellet. 

I know the feeling.  I have several hawks in my backyard woods – mostly Redtails & Coopers.  I pop starlings from my deck off my bird 

feeders & suet blocks at 32 yards,  I don’t even have to go pick ’em up. A hawk will swoop in & snatch them off the ground within minutes. 

Had a cripple (wing shot) starling a couple weeks ago & before I could manage a kill shot a redtail came outta nowhere & got him. 

Like you said: “saved me a pellet”…..

This has been going on for a year or more & I think they are alerted by the sound of my AG.