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Glem.Chally I have been following your royale setup with that EDMU and I am really diggin it man! Thank you ! I really wanted the flattest trajectory possible with the 34gn JSB’s which is why I went with the 60+ft lb setup. With my Airguns smaller than 35cal I use those as my fun/target/plinking guns, I wasn’t really into hunting or killing animals but then I took a hunters course, went out with some buddies to get some hog on some private land so we can have some good BBQ and I was hooked. I am not really into small game hunting but I got my Bulldog .357 for hog and some long distance plinking and it has been a blast. I will be increasing my power on the bulldog as well. I can get Poly’s and JSB’s shooting 950-980fps but only 670-750fps out of my heavier slugs(NSA,Aeromag, HiArc etc.). I would love 900fps+ from a heavier slug for more stability long range! The only reason I want to have that power increase is for long range plinking(300yd+). I would only hunt out to 75yds, but I love to stretch out the legs on all my guns both air and powder to see what they can do. Plus putting a 1/2 hole in targets at 75yd gets a little boring after a while hah! I need some steel or soda pop cans to mess around with!