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“peole”Please note that all factory Airgun pellets have different head and skirt size.
head is sized for barrel bore and skirt has larger diameter than groove.
Internal ballistic of airgun:
head slides tight in to the bore and conical skirt assures straight fit. Once barrel is pressurized head keeps sliding  and skirt is expanded to engage rifling and provide tight seal.
when using cylindrical sizer 
1. You are pretty much assured that your pellet will get misaligned – head will wobble in sizer and enter it under angle.
2. You are reducing skirt diameter. Your skirt will not engage rifling as good as factory one and air seal will not be as tight. Air will pass pellet and will create turbulence in front of pellet at barrel exit.
none of above adds to accuracy. 

I can only speak for the TR Robb sizer. It sizes by pushing the pellet head first into a tapered hole. The degree of sizing is controlled with an adjustable brass stop pin. So the taper you describe is preserved. Indeed, the pellet skirts are cleaned up and are made concentric with the head. Running sizer vs unsized pellets over a chronograph, I get similar velocities, but the sized pellets show a lower ES and STdev consistently. Just my experience…