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Hi Everyone – it’s Kristen over at Pyramyd Air, and it looks like we’ve reached a good resolution to this.   

In summary, Fishinwrench is going to be returning his old/wrong scope and getting his new scope free of charge.  We (Pyramyd) contacted Leapers/UTG to make them aware of what had happened, and they stepped up immediately to resolve the issue.  In short, the replacement scope they sent him was meant for another customer, whose information was on file with Leapers / UTG.  The customer service manager at Leapers / UTG spoke with Fishinwrench this afternoon (Monday) and has arranged the return / replacement to happen.  

We know we sometimes screw up (we’re human, and not as perfect as you airgunners!!!), but we, along with our manufacturing partners, will do our best to make it right.

I also want to take this opportunity to reiterate that Pyramyd Air takes your privacy very seriously, and we do not collect or retain any payment details when you place your order with us.  

So, Fishinwrench, do us a favor and be sure to post some pics of your Leapers/UTG 3-9×32 AO scope mounted up on your Gamo Swarm when you do get it in.  We always like to see happy airgunners showing off their cool stuff.

Thanks – Kristen