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So just came in from doing some paper hunting.  Yea despite the Hatsan not having the needed accessories this rifle is a winner.  I took 17 shots (2 site shot and 3 each of crosman destroyer, hp and wadcutter and 3 each of gamo hunter and match)  all 15 shots fell in a 2 inch circle (so what big deal)  11 fell in a 1 inch circle (sorry Stef still not impressed)  7 fell in a nickle size circle (ok so not too bad).  Oh did I mention this was at 20 yards with my 52 year old eyes and bifocals (yea ok but so what)  oh yea and stock Hatsan Open Sights?  I have never shot like that before open sight.  No way im even close to that kind of level.  Hell I had to put a great big black x on the paper just so i could aim at the same point consistently.  Replacment rifle may get sent back after i take the mags and fill probe.  My goal with this rifle was to shoot consistent sub 1/2″ groups at 30 yards.  Heck I haven’t even decided on the scope for this rifle yet and Im almost there.  Thanks to everyone for the advice and guidance.