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Here is a follow up, it still shoots great. Great, for this gun IMO, is about a half inch group at 25 yards. 10 shot groups. The FPS advice was key, as another member pointed out. And the best part, I get 50 shots per 3000 psi fill. I could probably get more too, but I stopped at 50 and still had about 125 bar according to the gauge. When I refilled off my tank I was able to here the cylinder’s check valve open right at 2000psi. Which i think is close to 125 bar without looking up the conversion. This gauge stays in the green down to 100 bar, but I was basically out of targets at 50 shots.
My guess for why it acted up is still probably that i dried out the probe o ring when cleaning the barrel. All i really did to remedy it was lube that o ring and adjust the hammer spring. I also lubed the barrel’s outer o rings, but since they see no air pressure that only assisted reassembly. 
i did also disassemble and reassemble a few times but again, lubing that o ring was really all i did different, that and lower the velocity.
I really enjoy this gun. Its heavy, but it is priced well for what it does.
thanks again to everyone who helped!