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Thanks for your help.
Bill: I test indoors (no wind) using the averages from a 14 shot string.
M. Mahoney: 12.65gr (856fps at muzzle, 832fps at 10yds) 12.50gr (827fps at muzzle, 814fps at 10yds) I don’t have the form with me, so I don’t know the 20yds numbers.
Sean: My first reading is within 12 inches of the muzzle. I have a TX200, so most of my hunting is done within 35yds. The furthest shot that I’ve taken since 2012 is 42yds.

 I’ll Chronograph my pellets today using 1yard and 40yards. I’ll try plugging in the numbers separately and then averaging the BC(s) together. I’ll post the results tomorrow.