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When I shot small bore silhouette a lot of scopes would be at the end of their adjustment at the rams. To get back near the center of the scopes adjustment we would either add a shim, buy a mount with angle built into it, or get adjustable rings. A business card is usually .010” and depending on the ring spacing would add about 10 MOA where I would get more repeatable scope adjustment since we would move our turrets for each animal. I have added business card thickness to several higher end scopes and have personally never had a ring mark. In my mind the paper material will compress on the edges as the scope rings are tightened leaving a smooth transition so the scope Bodie doesn’t get forced into a crimping action leaving a scratch or dent. I have Leupold and Weaver scopes on Anschutz that haven’t lost their sight in “O” for many many years.