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“JoeWayneRhea”Brother call PA and see if they can work it out . They are good folks who value their customers

I am communicating with Kristen, but honestly it isn’t their fault if they didn’t share the CC info.    I have dealt with UTG before (and they did right by me) but at no time did they ever ask for a CC#.  
So when I called to take care of the “upgrade charge” and they told me that they had my info on file and it had already been taken care of….well that freaked me out.

Wife checked the account today and it hasn’t happened……so I’m not sure what to think now.   I could care less about the $20 except for the fact that they sent me a scope that I can’t even use.   I mean who can put a gigantic 30mm 4-16×56 on a Gamo Swarm?    LMAO!!!!     
And yeah they asked what kinda air rifle I was using, and it took almost 2 weeks to get them to issue me a RMA# for the return, so the bottom line is that they don’t know WTF is going on.   
It’s as if they sent me a “more expensive” scope…..just to shut me up.  But dammit I know what scope I need and want.   Just send me a cotton pickin’ 3-9X32AO that is “TRUE STRENGTH and fit for a Springer” like they advertise it is.    
Hell it isn’t even a Magnum Springer, and I’ve been through 3 of them in less than 5 months.  
I have one 3-9x32AO that has held up fine, so I know they can produce one.