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“pyramydair”Hello Fishinwrench – This is Kristen Coss, and I’m the marketing manager for Pyramyd Air.
Pyramyd Air does not store credit card information and we are as concerned as you are about your experience as you have described.  
Can you please contact me at your earliest convenience: [email protected].  Please provide your order number and phone number and we will investigate this immediately.  
Thank you – Kristen

Fish, Trust Kristen to take care of this. I believe what she says. Her and the the remainder of the Pyramyd Air Cup crew do a great job at their event and I have met all of them. She will get to the bottom of this issue. I was going to refer you to PA customer service until I saw Kristen had jumped right on it. 

I have NO affiliation with Pyramyd other than a customer. 

Gary in Venice, FL