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I own a .25 Warp and it is a great gun.  It is a solid gun with no fancy frills but it just works.  I think its strength is the simple design so you know when you pick it up it will do the job.  The tensioned TJ barrel is unbelievably accurate and NEVER shifts POI or hardly shoots a flier.  Cobra reg and hammer spring is adjustable in seconds (even lowering the pressure is quick and easy) and is very stable and consistent with no creep.  Now my first cobra reg did have some creep (due to a bit of debris keeping the piston from sealing) but Jim quickly just sent me a new cobra reg no questions asked.  He didn’t even ask for the old reg back (I did send it back obviously and I’m sure he expected me to but didn’t demand to see it before replacing it).  That’s customer service.  When these guns first came out the bolt action was gritty but they have since fixed that with a new hammer and now it is very smooth though not as easy to pull as a sidelever (a bolt action never is).  My biggest gripe with mine is the magazine system but only because I have come to HATE the “cassete” style magazines.  I like the simple rotary mags better like the cricket, taipan and EDguns have.   The Timney 2 stage trigger is the nicest trigger I’ve ever used on an airgun and it can be safely adjusted down to 8 ounces I believe.

Now, are the WAR guns overpriced?  IMO yes but a lot of the “high end” guns are.  The only reason our guns cost so much is because we keep paying for them lol.  But don’t forget that the FLEX is built top to bottom in the USA and Jim will absolutely stand behind his guns if you have a problem, that has got to count for something.  And also the work involved to design and build an airgun from start finish.  Any airgun with any price will be worth it to some and not to others right?

What impressed me and made me really want to try on of these guns is the people that already owned a Flex and then also tossed down the cash for a Warp when it came out.   Would they really do that if the Flex wasn’t worth the price?