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WAR  , was Jim (?) then Travis ( and Jim or not? ) now back to Jim?  And who else?

 What determins the price?

Novelty perhaps? 
Folks want the latest greatest?
Utube ?
The need to have something not everyone has?
#4 there mostly I think.

 I like Jim, have met him. Now the west coast side of the bussiness I dont know about at all.

 Make something, make a video, post up around a bunch of forums and someone will want one. ( 20 poeople will say they too want one and 1 of those will buy it).
I’m sure the war rigs are fun to shoot and hopefully shoot well but,

you are correct in that for that much money I know where to have a custom pre-charged made – butt to break- .

 So who is WAR these days?

 It’s the “different” thing that sells I believe.