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“TonyT”I cannot understand the fascination with the Edgun. The rear location of the bolt on a bullpup seems to me to provide very awkward function. In my eye the Colibri, Vulcan and even the Cricket have better functionality with their side lever and straight pull actions. The recently announced Wildcat appears to provide improved functionality over these models with it’s improved forward location of the side lever. What am I missing ?

I own a Vulcan and the EDgun.  The location of the bolt is not really that big of a deal.  I buy these guns to shoot precision not lay down cover fire.  Sure the side bolt is new and cool but the quality and accuracy of the EDgun is unparalleled.  The gun is Russian stout and super simple. The other thing is there is a shroud cover that you can buy aftermarket that has a 1/2 UNF thread on it.  This makes the gun have the ability to add a LDC.  Putting a good quality LDC on the EDgun will make it whisper quiet.