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Wow  glad I am a tightwad  and I had already decided I was going to give Edwin at Airguns of Texas my business
 1st  because he is close to me
 2nd because I believe in supporting the little guys  
     because without them  the big guys would drive prices  so high  it would keep most of us out of the game.  
yesterday  I bought a 5 year 88cf SCBA and all the gauge,hose and adapters I needed to fill  my condor and because I’m local he will refill for free as long as i have it and  all this for less than half of the numbers that yall are talking about .

he has a big selection of guns/ pellets and equipment  and a Texas attitude about helping people get what they want at a reasonable Price.
Plus he has several products of his own design  and a obvious love for Airguns… 
and no I’m not getting paid for this…lol  
sad part is  there just isn’t alot of airgunning happening in Texas Yet  but keep your fingers crossed maybe it is on the rise with the legislation hopefully changing about airgun hunting in Texas     
so give Edwin at Airguns of Texas a call if you need anything  and let’s keep one of our own in business.      l

tell him Kevin with the new blue condor  sent ya…lol!!  Thanks for reading..  hope it didn’t ramble