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Rodeo, my initial impressions of the Hawke are good, it is the Hawke Sport Optics Reflex Sight, 5 MOA Red Dot.  Very solid and compact, I can’t say much until I get it on the gun and actually use it, but the build quality is excellent. My one initial issue is the brightness, for my personally, I will always be using the lowest setting, the rest is brighter than I really want, could have gone for two lower levels of brightness, but that opinion may change once I am out using it.

I was on the fence with getting/using a red dot, I have an aversion to using optics/sights that rely on batteries and have to be turned on, but reflex sights are the only optic I know of that has no eye relief, so i’m giving it a go. I would have preferred a retical that was more like a mil dot, but I really wanted something very, very compact and most holographic style sights while compact, were less so than the hawke.

  Years ago I dropped the money on a Trijicon RMR with the dual illumination (fiber optic and trinium lamp) for my ps90. Great little sight, but spendy. Its one issue is if it is very bright outside, or a light shining towards you, it washes out the retical, but that’s a rare happening.