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Have had discovery’s both .177 and .22 stock and modded. Also owned a .22 maximus “hunter” package ( w/scope & threaded barrel adapter).

I like the maximus a lot better!
But, that is due to the outstanding barrel, just about any decent pellet shot very well indeed. NEVER have I seen a stock discovery in any cal. that shot as well. The extra 2″ of barrel will also help w/power & efficiency. Maybe just mine was golden but others report similar findings. I’m not sure if the discxovery is using the new barrel just cut shorter or not.
I was getting about 10 good shots per fill to stay w/in a 20fps spread.
If you are accustomed to 4oz 2 stage triggers you wont like either but you know that.
 Being a lover of wood on a rifle I would buy another maximus but not another discovery. Maximus didnt suffer from “floppy bolt” syndrome and fells better to shoulder fast.  And did I say it grouped?  With a regulator ( wouldnt do it to one tho )  and a trigger it could have been a competing target rifle, crazy for the money. Light and for those that care a 3 year warranty.

Keep us posted as you shoot along,