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Thanks for the affirmative replies!  Yes, I neglected to mention that its rated for airguns, including springers. 

The other thing I omitted was the clean, solid feel of the windage and elevation dials. There is no question in my mind when I want to make a one or two click adjustment. I think that 70 years ago I could have heard the clicks in addition to feeling them. They are that distinct. Whereas, the Hawke windage and elevation adjustments are very soft and indistinct, bordering on being undetectable. This is true of both the Airmax and my Sidewinder 30 that cost more than 2.5 times more than I paid for the Nikon. 

I guess that the guys and gals ‘in the know’ have been quietly buying up these Nikons,since they are now hard to find. When I checked the Sportsmans Warehouse website, they were sold out. I called the store here in Tucson, and the last two they had in stock are now safely on my airguns! If you’re interested, make sure that the scope you found is an EFR with an adjustable objective, Nikon #6734. There are several 3-9×40 varieties of scopes offered by Nikon.