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I use the 88 ci tank exclusively. You’ll get 10 or so fills with that tank.  It’s small, portable, and it just works (I’m considering a second one, just because).  when you said, Regulator with the tank, is that a valve or a 3000 PSI regulator?  If regulator, that makes filling easy, as you can’t over fill the Marauder.

For filling, look up videos by AEAC, he usually does the fill process for the gun he’s reviewing.  It’s about the same for most PCP’s and I believe PA has the same type of video available.  Sounds like a lot of steps but once you do it, it’s easy.  Hook up, open valve, close valve, bleed / vent the line, disconnect, shoot 30 shots, repeat.

Enjoy the new gun.  I still love to shoot my Marauder, great gun.